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Bandung (formerly spelled: Bandoeng) is the third largest city in Indonesia and administratively it is the capital city of West Jawa Province. With population of over two million, everything moves in slower pace here compare to metropolitan life in Jakarta. Bandung is one of the most popular city in Indonesia for shopping and tourism. Bandung is located about 200 km in the south-east of Jakarta. It takes only 2 hours by car from Jakarta via Cipularang highway.Because of its beauty, Bandung is known as Parijs van Java. Kabupaten Bandung is the suburban area surrounding the city of Bandung.

It is situated in a high elevation (about 800 to 1000 meters above sea level), at 6°55′S, 107°36′E, the city has a population of around
2.1 million. Bandung is surrounded by the mountain range and a cool climate throughout the year. You can take a three-hours train ride with
nice mountain scenery.

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