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Toward New Frontiers for Resources Exploration
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September 19-21, 2006

Aula Barat
Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB),
Bandung, Indonesia


ISME (International Symposium on Mineral Exploration) is an international activity of the Division of Exploration Technology (DETEC) in Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ). This has been held eight times in every two years from 1990 individually in Japan, Australia, and USA, and joined with the annual conference of IAMG (International Association for Mathematical Geology) and the IGC (International Geological Congress) as one session in them. The ISME has published proceedings and also several special issues in one of the official journals of IAMG (Nonrenewable Resources and Natural Research).

"The purpose of ISME symposia is to bring together scientists actively working on some diverse fields in order to foster the exchanges of ideas related to the methods or resource exploration."
after Singer, D. A. and Kouda, R (1993) Nonrenewable Resources, v. 2, no. 2, pp. 65-66.

Division of Exploration Technology (DETEC-MMIJ)
Faculty of Earth Sciences and Mineral Technology (FIKTM-ITB)

Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ)
International Association for Mathematical Geology (IAMG)
Japan Society of Geoinformatics (JSGI)
Indonesian Mining Association (IMA)

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