Field Excursion

2006/9/19 (Tuesday)
ISME-IX Program

9:00-9:15      Opening Ceremony         
9:00-9:05   Greeting Speech by the Chair
9:05-9:10   Greeting Speech by the Vice-Chair 
9:10-9:15   Welcome Speech by ITB Rector       

Chairman: Ryoichi Kouda (Geological Survey of Japan)
9:15-9:45 Kynote Lecture (1)    
Katsuaki Koike (Kumamoto University, Japan)
How can we model correctly invisible geologic structures and properties
from small pieces of geological information?             

9:45-10:15 Keynote Lecture (2)        
Ryoichi Kouda (Geological Survey of Japan)
Ontology of Web-GIS and remote sensing

Chairman: Eric Goh (University Science Malaysia)
10:30-12:00        Session (1) Geostatistics, GIS, Potential Mapping  

10:30-10:45  Mohamad Nur Heriawan and Katsuaki Koike  
Transition probability geostatistics for spatial variability of coal sequences and qualities 

10:45-11:00  Hisafumi Asaue, Kinichirou Kusunose, Ryoichi Kouda, and Toshiaki Ueki
           Three-dimensional deep structures modeling by probability distributions of  stratigraphy existence for geological storage of carbon dioxide

11:00-11:15  Chen Jian-ping, Lu Peng, Zhu Peng-fei, and Zeng Min 
Regional resource potential quantitative prediction and evaluation to the northern three-river area in southwest China base on ore deposit scale model

11:15-11:30 Lilik Eko Widodo and Yoszi Mingsi Anaperta
Natural resource estimation using finite element method - case study: coal resource estimation

11:30-11:45 E.J.M. Carranza and H. Wibowo
Regional-scale geothermal prospectivity mapping in West Java (Indonesia) by application of data-driven evidential belief functions

11:45-12:00 H. Wibowo, E.J.M. Carranza, and S.D. Barritt
Spatial data analysis in regional-scale geothermal prospectivity mapping: a case study in West Java, Indonesia


Chairman: Hery Harjono (Indonesian Institute of Sciences)

13:00-13:30  Keynote Lecture (3)        
Sudarto Notosiswoyo (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)

Chairman: Chen Jian-Ping (China University of Geosciences)

13:45-15:00        Session (2) Environmental Geology, Hydrology 

13:45-14:00 Tin May Htun, I Wayan Warmada, Agung Harijoko, Rodhie Saputra, Lucas Donny Setijadji, Koichiro Watanabe, and Akira Imai
Arsenic and heavy metals contamination in small scale mining Selogiri area, Wonogiri regency, Central Java, Indonesia 


14:00-14:15 Lambok M. Hutasoit and Irwan Iskandar
Potential arsenic source and recharge area in Buyat village

14:15-14:30 Lambok M. Hutasoit and Agus Mochamad Ramdhan
Recharge area and the origin of brackish water in East Bandung: result of exploration well

14:30-14:45 Budi Kurniawan and Kenji Jinno        
Transport model of multi-species chlorinated organic compound in multi-layer saturated porous media

Chairman: Toshihide Ito (Kansai University, Japan)
15:00-16:00        Session (3) Resource Economics

15:00-15:15 A.S.M. Subandrio
Indonesian banded iron formation (BIF): a new challenge of iron deposit by controversial discovery of BIF in Tanggamus area ? Lampung, South Sumatra

15:15-15:30 Kaoru Yamaguchi
International comparison of policy initiative for geothermal resources - what are the impacts of the renewability and sustainability agenda on geothermal resource utilization and their technologies?

15:30-15:45 Aryo P. Wibowo, Rini Novrianti, and Fadhila A. Rosyid
Optimizing Indonesian coal supply-demand toward coal conservation as energy resources

15:45-16:00 B. Sulistijo and T. Indriati
The characteristic of lateritic iron ore in Kalimantan

16:00-17:30 Poster Sessions 

P1 Novriadi and Totok Darijanto
Applying fuzzy logic method in mineral potential mapping for epithermal gold
mineralization in the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara using geographical
information systems (GIS)

P2 H. Wibowo, E.J.M. Carranza, and S.D. Barritt
Spatial data analysis in regional-scale geothermal prospectivity mapping: a case study
in West Java, Indonesia

P3 Toshiaki Ueki

P4 Susumu Nishimura
Biogeochemical carbon cycle in thick loose sediments in lake and lagoon basins and its

P5 M. Ohara, B. Munkhtsengel, and N. Tsuchiya
Heavy metal concentrations in soils around the Erdenet porphyry Cu-Mo mine in
Mongolia for environmental evaluation

P6 Dudi Nasrudin and Sudarto Notosiswoyo
The determination of alteration zone based on temperature and mineral alteration onto
the Mataloko-03 geothermal exploration well, in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

P7 Syafrizal, Akira Imai, and Koichiro Watanabe
Descriptive and genetic models of the Ciurug-Cikoret veins, Pongkor Au-Ag epithermal
deposit, West Java, Indonesia

P8 Arif Zardi Dahlius and Irwan Iskandar
Mineralogical and chemical properties of manganese nodules in Reo, Flores island
developed from soil materials

P9 Sudarsono
Structural controls on hydrothermal mineralization at Cupunagara area, Subang, West

P10 Ginting Jalu Kusuma and Rudy Sayoga Gautama
Study on the effect of rainfall to surface coal mine productivity

P11 Sri Indarto
Petrography and geochemistry of volcanic rocks at Cupunagara, Subang regency, West

P12 Keli Goulart, Joao Felipe Coimbra Leite Costa, and Jair Carlos Koppe
Geophones coupling influence in vibration readings

P13 Hojjatollah Ranjbar and M. Honarmand
Alteration mapping in the southern part of the Central Iranian volcanic belt by using
ASTER and TM data

19:00     Banquet

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